The Banana Box Company is a well known and reputable Kenyan Company, established in 1991 we have been working with Kenyan Artists, Craftsmen and women for almost twenty years.

The Banana Box Company currently has two retail outlets. One in the new wing of the Junction, opposite Art Café and the other on the ground floor of The Sarit centre in Westlands. Our offices are also at Sarit centre on the third floor. We also have a wholesale department and supply a large number of Hotel gift shops and lodges all over East Africa. We also export to Europe and the United States.

We believe in supporting the Kenyan community, and in promoting Kenyan culture. We also believe in protecting the environment by using only sustainably produced raw materials and, wherever possible, in recycling materials that would otherwise go to waste or pollute the environment. To this end we offer a range of gifts made from recycled scrap metal, paper (including paper made from Elephant Dung!!), Plastic and glass.

The world is increasingly ruled by plastic, man-made fibre and non-biodegradable materials, the production of which often depletes and degrades the planet. We believe in offering products made from natural materials, such as banana leaves, Kenyan cotton, hand spun Kenyan wool, environmentally managed timber, bone, and natural Kenyan soap stone.

There are over 50% of Kenyans living below the poverty line. Almost 70% of Kenyan youth are unable to find employment at the end of their education, and many Kenyan women continue to suffer from the effects of gender discrimination. Kenyans are a very talented, creative and innovative people and Banana Box over the last twenty years has been striving to harness this talent and work with artists and communities to develop and market these skills.

Our suppliers are paid immediately on delivery as part of our fair trade policy. Ninety percent of our stock is purchased this way and we hold very little on consignment. Our suppliers therefore do not have capital tied up for long periods of time and they do not have to wait to receive payment.

Our environment in Kenya is seriously challenged by deforestation, soil erosion and population pressure to name a few. While Kenya’s magnificent wildlife continues to require protection from poaching and the escalating human wildlife conflict. We believe in addressing these issues by encouraging alternative economic activities, supporting the small-trader, buying direct and paying on supply, promoting Kenyan culture in all its many forms, providing earning opportunities to disadvantaged groups, such as; street children, refugees, the blind and the handicapped.

We also believe in offering tangible empowerment to women in Kenya; we support a number of women’s groups producing for instance, hand-knitted children’s toys and with the money derived from this, the women can set up their own small businesses, and pay for the education of their children (most particularly their female children, many of whom are still excluded from education and destined for early ‘arranged’ marriages).

Every week, around 50 artisans visit us to sell their wares. Mostly from Kenya, we also have suppliers visiting us from other parts of East Africa and often as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa.

Fair Trade is achieved by forging a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect; it also seeks to promote greater equity in international trade. Fair Trade contributes towards sustainable development by offering better trading conditions.


• Banana Box is well established with over twenty years of experience in the design and management of Gift Shops in Nairobi and the marketing and promotion of Kenyan Art, Crafts and cultural heritage.
• We work closely with community projects, refugees, local artisans supporting there initiatives and enabling them to make a living.
• We have a Large range of beautifully packaged and branded gift items including stories about each item, who it is made by, what it is made from, who it supports and its cultural significance if any. 
• Many of our products are produced exclusively for Banana Box and are not available anywhere else. We are constantly developing new products and working with local artists and craftsmen to create new designs and products.