• Meet Gichuki, Banana Boxes in house designer

    Gichuki has been working for Banana Box almost from the beginning, a valuable member of our team, he is an inspiration to all of us with his unique and innovative ideas. His hand made recycled wire and paper cards are extremely popular in our stores. View Post
  • Products With A Story

    Sand Casting From Recycled Metal A talented group of young Kenyans from different and diverse backgrounds, who make a wide range of products all from recycled metals.  Recycling is at the core of this little companies business model. The entire process from start to finish involves and includes t... View Post
  • The Basket Weavers of Machakos

    It is always so rewarding and inspiring visiting and spending time with our artisan groups, many who live in remote regions and work with limited resources.  Here are some photos from a recent trip to some of the community womens groups that we work with in Machakos, Kenya. The baskets are han... View Post